Some people think that making list of things to do in a certain place is the important thing to help other people before they are going to that place. They write it and publish it on their private social media or on their blog in purpose to be read by the people. We can find many headlines like top 10 things to do in Los Angeles, top 20 places that you should visit and many more in the internet. I also think the same that those kinds of publishing are important for the people who haven’t go to a certain place yet. So what do you think of the things that you should do in Los Angeles? 

Nightlife, Free and Romantic things 

When you visit a new place, it is a must for you to exploring the nightlife of that place. As for Los Angeles, I recommend you to go to Bar Marmont as a starter of your exploring time. The menus are very attractive. But, the best thing is the interior of the bar. The light is not too dark or too bright. It is very quirky and there is a Gothic touch on some sides of the bar. I think this one can be one of the top things to do in Los Angeles. Another bar that recommend for you to visit named Casey’s Irish Pub. As you may know from the name, this pub is so Irish feel. From the menus that been offered, the place and interior are showing Irish side. 

If you look for a cheap trip, you can do that trip on Los Angeles too. Some places on Los Angeles are not requiring you to buy the ticket, frankly speaking that are free to visit. Are you curious what the free things to do in Los Angeles are? The answer is walk. You just need to walk farther that you ordinary walk. The museums, the zoo, botanical garden and even Hollywood Walk of Fame require you to walk only. Enjoy your walking time while sightseeing the view will be the cheaper yet memorable time ever. 

When you and your partner go to Los Angeles, you may want to feel romantic things to do in Los Angeles. In my opinion, romantic is a very relative word. If I said romantic is looking the sunsets with the one that I love and enjoying candle light dinner, you may say different thing. Well, let’s not say we want something romantic, let’s just say that we want a quality moment with our partner. There are some places in Los Angeles which may be your perfect place to spend the holiday with your partner only. If you want to eat in a romantic atmosphere go to The Little Door, if you want to spend your time under the sun please visit El Matador Beach, and if you want to see the beautiful Los Angeles drive your car to Mulholland Drive.