Hello fellas! Do you still confuse about what will you do if you have gotten a chance to visit Los Angeles? Well, you don’t need to be worry. All you need to do is pack your bags and list all the things that you must not missed! It brings you fun and this is the best way to put it out on your Los Angeles trip. The fun things to do in Los Angeles will place you into some amazing trip. 

Here is why you can’t miss the fun things to do in Los Angeles. 

If you only have 3 days chance to explore Los Angeles, please be smart to choose your holiday destinations. Because there are a lot of places that you can visit. It probably spend so much time in spending your time to do a trip through all the best things to do in Los Angeles. It is started with Venice Beach Broadwalk. This place offer you a nice place to spend your time alone or with family. its pathways and sidewalks are perfect for those who like walking. Venice beach itself is so beautiful with its wave and nice season. It will beperfect for your summer holiday. 

Abbot Kinney Boulevard, this place is known for its landmarks because it is part of their interest in the making. It is located not far from Venice Beach so that this place would be a perfect fit for you after you spend all day in Venice Beach. It is recommended for those who likes art and design. Also the culinary and the night view is not easy to handle because it is so beautiful. If you are the shopping lovers, don’t miss out the fun on doing shopping through sll the boutiques. After you have done that long shopping, you probably deserves some happiness to taste delicious food with reasonable price. This is probably the best things to do in Los Angeles today. 

After you spend a day in Venice Beach Broadwalk, and the evening on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, it is time for you to taste the beauty of Venice Canals Walkway which show you a peaceful view and perfect for you who wants relaxation. This things to do today in Los Angeles can be beautiful yet peaceful place is located in the near of Abbot Kinney Boulevard. You won’t spend to much time in this place because after this you will see another beach that is more amazing and friendly. Let’s call it Santa Monica Pier! Located in Venice also and offer you Pacific Park and 100 years old landmark. Don’t forget to taste all the delicious snack everytime!