The stereotype about having a lot of money to travel overseas is definitely right. However, people can manage their money well and not spending too much money to travel overseas. Some places are free to visit. Let’s discuss about having a free trip to Los Angeles. Not all of the objects of destinations are having an expensive ticket. Thus, this written work will discuss on what are the free things to do in Los Angeles. Brace yourself, Folks. You may be wanted to have this cheap trip to Los Angeles and having fun over there. 

The key is enjoying while walking 

Most of the destinations in Los Angeles are require you to walk. The museums as the dominating objects in Los Angeles have a large area as for you to walk. Don’t feel grumpy while walking, if you enjoy your walking time the vacation will be a great vacation. The things to do in Los Angeles is walking and visiting the museums. The museums that are free to visit are: El Pueblo de Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory, The Getty Center and The Getty Villa. You only have to pay for the parking area for your cars, if you bring any. 

If museums free trip gives you the historical and education trip, the next kinds of trip will entertains you while walking. Some people who had visit Los Angeles may say that the things to do in Los Angeles California is you have to visit Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Theatres. As you may already know that Hollywood Walk of Fame is a street in which there are the name of the entertainers as the tribute to them. There are about 2000 names of celebrities, musicians, news reporters, broadcasters, fashion designers and many more. People can walk from the down of the road until the end of the road. On the sidewalk you will see the stars named with the popular people in it. 

If you want something more nature, Los Angeles has something to present. Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple, Santa Bay, Runyon Canyon Park and Venice Beach can include on your things to see in Los Angeles. You will enjoy your walk because your eyes have been pampered with the natural views of lake, bay, park and or beach. Los Angeles is not merely about building, museums and theatres yet it is also about natures. Having a walk on the lake side, closing the eyes and feel the air, enjoying the wind blows and the best thing is free.