Have you visited Los Angeles? If you already visited this place and you think the time is too short to explore everything, do not worry, let’s be smart! You still have your day off in weekend. Let’s try to have fun by choosing what is the next destination that you still need to explore to satisfy your travelling instinct. Because things to do in Los Angeles this weekend is not difficult and everyone in this world can do that. So, what is it? Okay, before we answer that question, let’s narrow your choice in spending your weekend in Los Angeles. Do you want to take a walk tour? Or you just want spend your weekend in just one place? Well, let’s choose the walking tour instead, because you can explore so many places in the weekend. 

This is the places that you probably visit through your weekend. Check them out! Hollywood! 

You must know what is this word means. Yeah, you can do a walking tour to see a little peak of Hollywood life. See the biggest Hollywood Walk of Fame! All the known celebrities will lead your way up to your most favorite celebrities. Especially if you are a movie freak. You really have to visit this place. Then the things to do this weekend in Los Angeles is the destination of the world of shopping mania. It is located at Rodeo Drive. Well, totally you need a plus budget to spend because this place is full of branded things. 

Are you bored with luxurious and branded things? Maybe it is the time for you to take a cheap tour by using your car to explore Los Angeles road. This country is full of heritage building and so beautiful memories were happened here. While you were driving your way into all roads in Los Angeles, you probably interested with some places in between your journey. This things to do in Los Angeles will lead you to the head of this two famous places; First, Jurrasic Park is an ideal place to visit and the second, Disneyland is always fullfil your childhood dream. 

When you have done the afternoon trip, now it is the time to visit Malibu, California. Rise up and high with your favorite bikini. You can talk, walk, dancing, squeezing all night in this beach. Best way to close the weekend with your friends or colleagues. Malibu is known of its beautiful beach and wonderful scenery. See? This things to do in Los Angeles California are easy to bargain. Pack your bag and let’s travel!