Bringing all the family members for a holiday may be a good plan to spend the days during the holidays. However, adults should consider the places that you want to visit if there is children in the family members. Make this holiday as their way to learn something outside the school. Bringing them to the place where they can feel fresh, happy and learn something from that place. In the Los Angeles, there are some places to visit and it is suitable for children. May be those places can be included on your Los Angeles things to do list. 

You have to buy tickets and you don’t need to buy ticket 

There are two kinds of destinations in which you have to pay the tickets and free. As for the ticketing objects, I guarantee that it will be worth to pay. The children will feel the atmosphere of holiday yet they learn something unconsciously. Visiting museums and observatories are things to do with kids in Los Angeles. Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits can be the first destination. There are some fossils of animals that the children might know from media only like mammoth, dire wolves, saber-throated cats and many more. The kids will feel like looking the fossils of Ice Age movies. 

The second place that the children should go is Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Not only for kids, but also the adults can enjoy the things in museums as well. There are some dinosaurs’ fossils like Tyrannosaurus in the Dinosaur hall. Things to do in Los Angeles with kids will be more meaningful if they certainly learn something. The third place is called Skirball Cultural Center. In this museum the visitors can see the fifth-largest collections if artifacts during Judaism and American life. There is a play-space for family called Noah’s Ark. 

Those three destinations are the destinations that require you to pay for the ticket. The next destination will be free to visit. Free things to do in Los Angeles with the children are visiting Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Usually, children will excite to visit the zoo because they can see the live animals that they rarely find on their daily life. Guiding them on knowing each animal will be a good way to teach them. They will naturally curious and ask so many questions. As the guider, we shpuld be patient to answer all the questions.